Smartphonetography samples

photo art with your smartphone

Do you you like to take pictures & play around with the images? If you have an iPhone, Android phone, iPod Touch with camera, or iPad with camera, then this course is for you!

In this 6-week course, we'll take photos & process them with creative apps like Camera+, Instagram, Photosynth, Quad Camera, Diptic, & Color Splash.

Each week we'll demonstrate a different type of photo app, such as those for filtering, panoramas, collage, morphing, cartoonifying, 3D, and silly fun apps.

You'll spend some time taking photos, trying out the apps, and sharing the results with each other (and maybe the world!) We'll try combining more than one app for creative & interesting effects.

It's getting easier for anyone to unleash their inner photographer, you just need an open mind, playful spirit, and a few apps! (and a mobile device with camera, of course)

Class goals
You'll leave this class with a wealth of ideas & inspiration. If you like, you can start your own photo blog or share your photos in other ways. We'll provide an online list of web sites, apps, and books for further learning.

You'll need
a smartphone or tablet that has a camera, such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android phones or Android tablet.

You'll need to purchase your own apps, suggested budget between $10 - $40 for all the apps we try. There are many free and low cost apps if you want to keep costs low.

Who this course is for
This course is suitable for both beginners and professional photographers. You don't need to know much about traditional cameras to be creative with these apps. You do need to be familiar with the basic operations of your mobile device, including how to purchase and install apps and use the camera. We welcome teenagers and adults of all ages.

6 weeks, one 1.5 hour class per week

Artisan's Asylum, 10 Tyler St. Somerville, MA [Google map]

Cost $135 for the 6 week session

[Online self-study version will also be available. Join us anytime, from anywhere].

Notify me when the class dates are set.
Dates to be announced soon.

Nicole Hennig is the Head of User Experience for MIT Libraries and a fan of smartphone apps. She teaches the Apps4Academics workshop at MIT, and the online course, Apps4Librarians at Simmons College. She is @nic221 on Twitter, where she tweets about libraries, e-books, e-reading, mobile devices, and the future of education.

Nicole Hennig

Thank you to the following Flickr users who kindly used a Creative Commons license for their photos used in the collage above (made with Diptic on my iPad).